The Clos Saint-Jean is the result of a passion for the vine, a touch of madness and a lot of hard work. It was created by Edmond Tacussel, the great-grandfather of Vincent and Pascal Maurel, whose ancestors arrived from Greece five centuries earlier and settled in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, each member of the family has successively taken up the torch. Today, Pascal and Vincent Maurel are working on the success of the estate, closely followed by the 5ème generation, Valentin, Hugo and Claire Maurel.

These passers-by of history cultivate the land with a passion for creation and renewal, in a spirit of humility.

« The generations follow one another, each with its own colour and identity, allowing the estate to evolve in the long term. »


The attention paid to the vinification and maturation of the wines is the same as the care given to the vineyard.

From the cardinal purple concrete vats, as if suspended, to the barrel cellar lined up in a 1920s atmosphere... Each element of the Domaine's two cellars is an extension of an era.

The brick vaults, the cast iron pillars, the Eiffel-type framework evoke an industrial atmosphere. The cathedral vaults in the basement, the old marble tiles, the original well surrounded by rough walls in the style of Le Corbusier, give off a monastic energy.

The bottles of the wine library, classified with elegance and precision, tell the story of the pride as well as the ups and downs and hold the memory of the Clos Saint -Jean.

"The aesthetics of the premises resonate with the wine.
It expresses work, rigour and refinement."


The 47 hectares of Clos Saint-Jean vines are mainly located on a terroir of large rounded pebbles.

The roots, which are extremely deep, go through modern and very old sediments, down to the crystalline waters of the Tertiary. A path that gives the grapes such complex and balanced aromas.

Surrounded by the imposing Mont Ventoux, the sumptuous City of the Popes and the rushing Rhône, all the plots benefit from attentive care, inspired by methods that respect the living world.

The dedicated team at Clos Saint-Jean works every day to ensure that the vineyard is carefully tended, to produce a limited number of excellent bottles of AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

« The wines of Clos Saint-Jean are a link between people and spirituality.
A bridge between history, work, pleasure and the divine ».

« The generations follow one another, each with its own colour and identity, allowing the estate to evolve in the long term. »